Saturday, December 17, 2011


My friend Kristine Carlson enlightens the world with her strength and grace as she carries the healing message she and her husband once delivered together, on her own, in his memory. Kristine continues to share simple and effective ways to live and be REAL Beautiful by not "sweating the small stuff" ...a perfect gift for everyone on your Christmas list this year!

Let's keep staying REAL beautiful together!♥

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

Gregg Braden is one of my all time favorite authors!! Please treat yourself to ordering his book to inspire and enlighten your life with his research and wisdom!!

Order his new book "Deep Truth" today and receive many bonus gifts with your purchase...

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SELF-ESTEEM AND BEAUTY EXPERT, AND EX-WEIGHTED STAR FRED CONNORS SHARES HIS TOP 10 TIPS IN my upcoming book "Real Beautiful Goddess: Body, Mind and Spirit!" available for pre-order @ ...thank you Fred for your wisdom!!

“ Real beauty is confidence, a state of mind that is universal and achievable by everyone. ”

fred connors

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

40+ and Fabulous


I have always loved seeking outside the 'status quo' because I know it is the place where happiness, health, success and abundance live. In this mindset I connect to many others who think the same and experience moments of magic and miracles just like me!! My friend Sondra Wright demonstrates thinking 'outside the status quo' in her lively and fun book that makes us shake our head and look at life after 40 in a fun, smart and sassy way! Her book '40+ and Fabulous' is avsailable TODAY ONLY with some very special gifts. You just can't lose when you connect to inspiring people with great ways of thinking! Get you book today and treat yourself to abundance at the same really do deserve it! Each of the women in 40+ and Fabulous courageously shares a nugget of wisdom, a pearl from her journey of self-discovery. Learn how each of these women challenged established ideas and reinvented herself to become the successful, confident, powerhouse only she knew she could be. If they could do it, so can you!

Keep staying REAL Beautiful!!xoxox

Tuesday, October 18, 2011


As most of us already know, the act of 'FORGIVENESS' seems to be one of the most difficult things to do in life. When we have been hurt by someone else, we tend to hold onto this hurt and keep ill feelings inside about the person that hurt us. We believe that if we forgive them we are saying what they did to us was o.k....not so! Dr. Walter Jacobson, a board certified Psychologist shares the secrets of how to heal and recover through forgiveness. My friend and colleague, Dr. Jacobson puts us on a 'Forgiveness Diet" and guides us to undo self-sabotage, heal in our body, mind and spirit and manifest our dreams...all at the same time.

For 24-HOURS TODAY ONLY you can purchase the Amazon Best-Seller, “Forgive To Win!: End Self Sabotage, Get Everything You Want" and at the same time receive over 150 free downloadable bonus gifts from self-improvement experts like myself worth thousands of dollars. Order it now, download your free gifts, and start on your path towards happiness, physical well-being and material success, all of which are possible when the guilt, shame and self-condemnation messages causing self-sabotaging behaviors are eliminated. Go to: Forgive to Win!

Let's keep staying REAL Beautiful together!
xo Cindy

Wednesday, October 12, 2011


In her new book Cultivating Radiance, Tamara Gerlach invites us to explore turning up our light in every aspect of our life. Many AMAZING authors, coaches, and industry leaders have shown their personal support by offering $1,000s worth of powerful tools as a BONUS for purchasing Cultivating Radiance TODAY. Discover and cultivate the radiant you. GET this book and let Tamara and friends shower you with bonuses (and appreciation). There are some books that we all need to discover and share. Add Cultivating Radiance to that list!

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The Voice Inside

So often we ignore the things we know we should be doing. We dance around and put our energy into every thing else and push away the thing we know in our hearts we should choose first. We know because there is a voice inside that prods us, reminds us,...trys to get our attention...but, we just don't listen.

"In the dim background of our mind we know meanwhile what we ought to be doing...but somehow we cannot start...every moment we expect the spell to break...but, it does continue, pulse after pulse, and we float with it...". These enelightened words from psychologist and philosopher William James, written in Dr. Wayne Dyer's book "The Power of Intention", remind us of the 'knower' within us. Let's listen better to the guide inside that teaches us and lights the way to the things we should be doing, saying, and being!

Keep staying REAL Beautiful!
xoxo Cindy

Tuesday, June 7, 2011

REAL Beautiful Goddess

Every woman holds a POWER inside her body, mind and spirit as a result of her human design...plain and simple. There are also effective ways to holistic health that many people are not aware of. This KNOWLEDGE and POWER are ancient and new, hidden and revealed, sacred and cursed, revered and ignored. Only those who choose to enlighten themselves with such KNOWLEDGE and POWER can experience the brilliance that exists in knowing this information over the prevailing toxic messages in the mass media that continue to lead us away from optimum health and well being. In our Western society, the best marketing approach wins the favour of millions; not the best or most effective health approach. Many of the messages in the media actually dismantle our health and distract us from the REAL health and healing opportunities that do exist. As a result, many women have no idea that they have some POWER of their own available to them, along with some very effective ways to reach their health and healing goals. It is impossible to use this POWER and KNOWLEDGE if you don’t even know it exists!! So the POWER and KNOWLEDGE continue to remain hidden for some. Sometimes, even when this KNOWLEDGE and POWER are not hidden, some people and the media make us believe this knowledge is taboo, unbelievable, too good to be true, hocus-pocus ...thus, it remains ignored. But for those of you who are willing to stand up and clear away the smoke and mirrors, come with me and millions of other women as we uncover and learn the MAGICAL and MIRACULOUS ways to live and be REAL Beautiful! I promise you, YOU will feel like a GODDESS and like it! If I can do it, you can too! I want to share this KNOWLEDGE and POWER with YOU and every woman, so we can all experience the MAGICAL AND MIRACULOUS ways to balance our health in our body, mind and spirit! My new book, “REAL Beautiful Goddess: Body, Mind and Spirit” will uncover, polish and shine your health and well being. I will reveal the knowledge and ways to unleash your own POWER and teach you ways to create the MAGIC and MIRACLES I live and breathe every day of my life. GO to to sign up for your FREE REAL Beautiful Goddess Tip. While you visit my site, take advantage of the FREE Miracle you can create while you are there, and purchase some truly UNIQUE & BEAUTIFUL GIFTS for every woman you know and LOVE!! So many FREE and POWERFUL gifts to begin your journey to live and be... REAL Beautiful!!

Let's keep staying REAL Beautiful together!! xoxoxoxox

Friday, May 13, 2011


Some times just being dedicated and focused creates MIRACLES!! Practice this one pose taught to us by Kundalini Yoga expert Harjiwan and see miracles happen!!


Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Go to my website [] and sign up for my FREE CONFIDENCE TIP. Next, send your top 3 REAL Beautiful health tips to and win the chance to have one or all of your tips featured in my new book, "REAL Beautiful Goddess: Mind, Body & Spirit". Share your fast, easy, natural and effective tips with us so we can all stay REAL Beautiful... then we all WIN!! Don't miss your opportunity to WIN BIG! FREE CONFIDENCE just by signing up, and a chance to change the world by helping women stay and feel REAL Healthy!!

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Keep Staying REAL Beautiful!!!