Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Free, Easy, & Effective Health Tip

Free & Easy Health....this is what I like... and I have spent many years of my life researching health tips that are free, easy and effective... you and I are similar I bet... we don't have time & money to waste!!

Remember... the things we choose to do in life should never be about being PERFECT...Perfection is not good for our health. We live in a world that makes us feel we are not good enough unless we are PERFECT in all things. I am the first to admit, I am not perfect....I have trouble balancing all of the things I have in life to be responsible for...but, finding easy, time efficient and effective things to maintain some level of health in this fast-paced life, have helped me to feel more balanced and healthier than I would be without them. I hope this tip does the same for you, as it does for me.

Health Tip #1: Sip a cup of tea

Sounds simple enough, right? You are correct ...except there is something you have to add to this simple activity for it to really be effective & healing!!


I can't stress the meaning of this word enough...it is the MINDFULNESS in sipping the tea, that actually powers the health & healing in this free, easy & effective health tip.

An example of the meaning of MINDFULNESS...

1. Stop everything you are doing and sip the tea of your choice...all tea is healthy [green tea even better].
2. While you are waiting for the tea to cool enough to drink, don't let the steam that is escaping from the cup go to waste...breathe the steam in & out as deeply as you can...
3. Close your eyes while you take in the healing & warmth from the steam leaving the cup.
4. Go a step further with me and really make a ritual out of this tea sniffing & sipping moment by ...adding a candle, soft music, a warm blanket, a heating pad to soothe tired muscles, the smell of peppermint oil [or any aromatherapy of your choice]...now you have made the 10-15 mins. you spend on tea sipping worthwhile. No time-wasting going on here...let me explain.

Let's look at the healing benefits of ritualistic tea sipping...for lack of a better way of saying this!!

The word "Synergy" comes to mind when I try to explain why adding these other details to your tea sipping is critical.

SYNERGY is defined as: things that work together so the total effect is greater than the sum of the two (or more) parts ...or the sum is greater than its parts. Just sipping tea is o.k...but, sipping tea while you are mindful by adding other elements to it will have a larger impact on your health & well being! I have always loved this word and its meaning...it makes me realize that if I do things in the right way, I can actually cash in on more of the benefits that I might not otherwise capture..., just by creating synergy. Synergy has been proven over and over in research ...related to the understanding of the way our body works, alone! There are so many synergistic events taking place in one simple body movement ..if you knew the events that took place in your body so that you could pick up a pen off a table in front of you [we all take this for granted], you would be completely fascinated!. These amazing events are all happening behind the scene, inside your body where you can't even see them. Unless you have studied anatomy & physiology in some depth...you might never realize this fact!

So...now sipping on a cup of tea may have more benefits than you realized...

1. Green tea by itself, has large health benefits [high in antioxidants that reverse disease in the body caused by free radicals].

2. Deep breathing the steam from the tea while it cools...increases oxygen that helps to detox & de-stress your body, and increases the release of healthy hormones and chemicals that can be naturally released in the body to make us feel calmer, healthier, more balanced and mentally stable....wow!

3. Aromatherapy has been proven to calm the mind, body & spirit...& reverse the release of bad or unhealthy chemicals in the body...as related above.

4. Since we are all energy...Music is a vibrational energy that influences the release of healthy chemicals in our body..choose the music that heals you!

5. I am not an expert on the healing research connected to sitting surrounded by candlelight...but from my own personal experience, I feel a burning candle is soothing and symbolic of all that seems to be good [peace, happiness, health & healing]!!

PLUS...Now this is were things get even better, easier and more effective... for FREE!!

Each of the things you choose to add to your tea sipping will synergistically interact with each other to multiply the healing power behind each individual element added to the ritual...
Now that is time worth spending...or "Time Well Wasted" for all you Brad Paisley fans out there!! Gotta love "synergy"!!

Remember the meaning of "synergy'...and please share some of your own easy, free and effective strategies for reaching health and well being for all of us to use...all of our ideas together, will be POWERFUL!