Friday, January 8, 2010


O.K....I know what you are thinking! It is hard to get so quickly in line with the idea that this will be a REAL Beautiful New Year. It is only just beyond the first week in January and we are all just trying to float into the New Year after the holidays. Yes..."the holidays" that we go almost crazy to prepare for and that come and go in a flash. Many of us are glad to see them go and get back to our "normal' routines. But this process can be so challenging for many of us. The New Year brings a little pressure for us to reflect and come to terms with all of the things we really didn't accomplish in the last year. As much as there may be things we have accomplished...we tend to focus on the things we did not. Well...this is not all bad. It is a good idea to hear those reminders in our minds about the wishes, dreams and goals that have been not been reached in the past year...but only to a limit. I believe our need to be PERFECT drives us to have way too much guilt and remorse over the things we have not accomplished. STOP the guilt right now!! It really is not worth it...honestly. It only takes way your energy to focus on one or two of those things left undone. LET IT GO!

I often use and apply the "FLOAT" strategy in times of transition such as; starting back to school, beginning a New Year, starting a new job, or implementing a new goal. To FLOAT means to take a couple steps back from whatever you are doing and let things unfold and happen on their own while you get back to basics. Gently ease yourself into a routine before you take on more challenging tasks... Just like a bike chain that has just been takes a couple turns of the petal to lubricate the chain before the bike will function properly and ride smooth.

Another important fact to remember is that YOU ARE NOT ALONE! We are all feeling silmilar to one degree or another. It is normal to feel out of sync, nervous or a little anxious at the begining of a New Year, new task, new job...and so on. KEEP THIS IN MIND THOUGH: The physiological sensations that happen in our bodies when we feel anxious [for what ever reason] will automatically connect with all of our negative memories of the times we have failed/our imperfections, times we have been stressed, or times when we were anxious beginning an unfamiliar task for the first time. It is natural that we will feel some anxiety...just as a performer will feel anxiety before the stage curtain is opened, so do we feel similar sensations during the situations I have related above.

I think most of us tend to connect with all of our personal imperfections in times of re-adjustment, re-grouping or beginning an unfamiliar task. The physiological sensation connected to nervousness/anxiety [called "flight or fight" response] can be confusing if you are not educated on its purpose in the body. When you feel this kind of anxiety, your body may just be providing the energy required to complete a task...not necessarily fleeing from a dangerous situation. One of the most critical reasons why the "flight or fright response" exists is to protect us from harm or danger. Our body miraculously adjusts and releases hormones [adrenaline, noradrenaline and cortisol], re-shunts blood away from our brain and digestive systems to our extremeities, and increases our sharp sense of awareness & instincts; all to provide us with the power/energy, awarenss and intincts to remove ourselves safely from a threatenig situation to a place of safety....once again, our body is so amazing!!


It is important to understand how your body works in this regard, in that, as much as this is a critical life saving response in our body, it is both a blessing and a curse. In our fast paced society with its unreal expectations that escalate levels of stress for us all, many of us are releasing our "flight or fright hormones" on a regular basis. This reality means we are at risk for negatively impacting out physical and mental health and our risk for illness. Our immune system becomes weakened, our ability to see and think in positive ways is diminished because the flight or fright hormones cause the mind to focus on perceived threats, therefore, it is in the mode of focusing on danger, threat, negative energy, and so on. YOU can see how this can make it next to impossible for one to see things in a more positive light or feel at peace. This is where the miraculous ability of our body turns on us if we are not careful.

Think about it...If you are someone who is living in "survival mode", otherwise known as "flight or flight", you would need to find an outlet to release the toxic hormones that are building up in your system so that you can bring your mind, body and soul back to a place of calm so that all systems within the body can work as they were really intended. If you don't release these hormones from your body with a good run, walk, massage or workout of some kind, these hormones become toxic, stay floating around in your body and keep you in survival mode...not o.k. for your physical and mental health. advice for a REAL Beautiful New Year is to remember how your body works in regards to danger, threats and responds the same way for all three of these concerns. Do what is necessary to bring your body back to balance so it is not negatively affected by stress hormones and you will see how much more calmly & peacefuly you will greet the New Year. FLOAT first and then pace yourself with regular checks to make sure you are in balance....

REMEMBER: There will always be times when we cross the line and get out of balance...we are human. But often, less is more: that is why I believe as well that moderation seems to be the key to health & life, drink, work, play, exercise, spend, save, talk, remain silent, worry, reflect, ...all in moderation. It seems when we go beyond moderate limits consistently in any one thing, the good that that thing brings begins to backfire.

Until next time...

A quote from James Allen

”The more tranquil a man becomes, the greater is his success, his influence, his power for good. Calmness of mind is one of the beautiful jewels of wisdom”.

Make this a REAL Beautiful year! I think YOU deserve it. ..take care of your mind, body & soul.